10 Things I want to do before I die (Part1)

Hello there! It’s a Sunday evening here in New York. I decided to pen down some of the things I want to do before I leave this world. List does not end here…

1.Attend one of Anthony Robbins events

2.Learn swimming

3. Attain my fitness goals

4. Sleep under the stars with that special someone

5.Stomp on grapes to make wine

6. Do Horseback riding

7.Get married

8. Celebrate my 50th anniversary with him:)

9. Eat in the underwater Restaurant in Maldives

10. Record a song in a studio

What are some of the things you would like to do ?  Feel free to share your thoughts:-)


RT perspective: Pranayama for Asthma

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word. “Prana” = Universal Life force and “Yama”= to regulate or extend. It can be defined as an expansion and control of prana (life force) through yogic techniques. So, basically it’s a combination of systemic inhalation and exhalation. Some of the benefits of Pranayama include: Increased memory, reduced blood pressure, decreased stress levels etc.

Now, as a Respiratory Therapist, I wanted to know whether pranayama can be an alternative therapy for my Asthmatic patients? I did some research and this is what I discovered. According to CDC, Asthma is a chronic lung disease that inflames and narrows the airways. Wheezing, tightness of chest, shortness of breath are some of the most common symptoms of Asthma. Tobacco smoke, dust mites, pets, mold, outdoor air pollution are some asthma triggers. Normally, a patient with Asthma is treated with various respiratory medications such as bronchodilators. Can a Nonpharmacological therapy such as pranayama improve lung function in Asthmatics?

Well, a study has been conducted to see the efficacy of pranayama in patients with bronchial asthma of mild to moderate severity. According to International Journal of Yoga, 50 cases of bronchial asthma were studied for 12 weeks. Patients were divided into two groups. Group A and Group B. Patients in Group A were asked to do pranayama for 20 minutes twice daily for a period of 12 weeks. On the other hand, asthmatics in Group B (Control group) were treated with meditation for 20 minutes twice daily for 12 weeks. Results after 12 weeks showed significant improvement in symptoms of these patients. Pulmonary function test (PFT) results showed improved FEV1 and PEFR in Group A as compared to Group B. It was concluded that patients with mild to moderate severity of Asthma can benefit from Pranayama. Pranayama, is considered to be a boon for many who practice it on a daily basis. However, I believe that more research is needed to support its efficacy in Asthmatic population.

What makes you happy?

As I’m growing older..I am becoming more and more aware of the fact that, everything in life is temporary. Nothing lasts forever! Guess what? this very second is temporary too.. Hence, without any further ado..let me share some of the things which make me happy:)

  1. Holding tiny little hands of newborns.
  2. Dancing carelessly on my favorite music
  3. Spending time at the beach
  4. Smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning
  5. Waking up few minutes before my alarm goes off
  6. Blowing kisses to myself in the mirror.
  7. Smell of a wet sand after it rains
  8. A big warm hug..the one that takes away all my stress
  9. Having meaningful & deep conversations for hours
  10. Eating samosas with green chutney and a hot cup of tea
  11. Getting my daily dose of inspiration
  12. Singing unplugged versions of my favorite songs.
  13. Getting wet in the rain
  14. Lyrics of a song I can relate to..
  15. Flaunting my  traditional Indian clothes (Love wearing Desi suits)
  16. Walking barefoot in the grass.
  17. A cup of white chocolate mocha on a very stressful work day.
  18. Successful resuscitation of a patient..post CPR.
  19. Getting my boost from any motivational books, quotes, videos.
  20. Perfect photo clicks
  21.  kisses on the forehead
  22. Getting to the subway platform, just as the train arrives.
  23. 100% Charge on my iPhone
  24. looking out the airplane window
  25. Feeling the wind blowing through my hair
  26. laughter of little babies
  27. To see an old couple talking and laughing
  28. Reading old messages
  29. looking at the night sky
  30. Laughing hard until my stomach hurts.

So, dear folks! we often take simple things for granted.  I suggest that you take this moment to reflect on all the things that brings a joy in your life. Please, feel free to leave comments and share your thoughts. Have a blessed day ahead:-)